We will be meeting via Zoom at 7 am on Friday mornings until further notice.  Please join us.

                                  Youth today.

                            Leaders tomorrow.

Check up on upcoming Optimist volunteer programs, curd sales work schedule, our social events, and more.

Read about some of the fantastic youth-focused volunteering opportunities and projects that the Optimists pursue.

Keep up on what is going on with our club: celebrations, congratulations, fun facts, humor, and other important information 

Speaker Coordinators
February      Kevin Haertzen
March          Maxine Lane
April            Joan Bahr & Carley Borcherding
May             Ron Weier & Leon Neuheisel
June            Tim Boldt
July             Paul & Chris Budden
August         Fern & Tom Nall
September   Alaina Reeves
October        Charlie Clark & Maggie Kleisath
November    Doug Martin
December    Eileen & Gary Engelke

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