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Committees, 2023-2024


Our members engage with each other and the community through seven standing committees.  

Click here to read a description of the committees' duties.


Cheese Curd

Jordan Holthaus, Chair/ Board Liaison
Tim Murphy 
Gary Engelke
Paul Budden
Mike Hahn
Ernie Thalmann
Bob Hundhausen 
Alaina Reeves
Beth Frieders
Becky Schambow 

Doug Martin

Community Service

Maxine Lane, Chair

Tom Nall, Board Liaison

Howard Crofoot
Carley Borcherding
Ernie Thalmann
Libby Sides

Linda Foht

Emmily Dreessens

Kevin Haertzen
Ken Kamps


Fellowship/Weekly Programs

Linda Thomas, Chair
Mark Essex, Co-Board Liaison
Doreen Hlavaty, Co-Board Liaison
Diane Paynter 
Penny Droessler
Bob Stephens 

Revised April 2024


As per Finance Committee Guidelines; The committee shall include approximately five members being, the Treasurer, who is Chair of the Committee; President; President Elect; Past President; and one or two Members, with knowledge and experience in accounting. 

Duane Borgen, Chair
Alaina Reeves, President

Melissa Palfrey, Past President

Bob Hundhausen, President Elect (VP)
Howard Crofoot, Member 


Membership/Club Building

Terri Ellis, Co-Chair/ Board Liaison 
Charlie Clark, Co-Chair 
Eileen Engelke 

Joy Schewe


Includes Website and Facebook

Melissa Palfrey, Board Liaison

Mary Sieckman

Chris Budden

Maggie Kleisath

Priscilla Hahn

Lauren Ganzer


Youth Activities

Amy Coffey, Chair/ Board Liaison

Wayne Wodarz
Tim Boldt
Amanda Trewin
Lisa Kratz

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