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Noon Meetings

Club President- Melissa Palfrey

I have been an Optimist since 2019. Throughout those years of involvement, I have tried to recruit new members and the biggest adversities I hear are "7AM" and "every Friday." In order to adapt and grow, I proposed to our board that we bring back noon meetings to attract and retain parents who have school children and to those who are not early risers.

So, the Platteville Optimist Board is excited to announce the addition of noon meetings in hopes that those who can't make it to meetings on Friday mornings might be able to attend at a different time and location and bring friends who might want to learn more about our Club. These meetings will not take the place of our usual Friday morning meetings at 7:00 a.m. at Country Kitchen, but will provide an alternative for members who just can't make those early morning meetings.

These noon meetings will incorporate business and information from the 7AM meeting where the Optimists discuss our programs and events such as Tri-Star Basketball, Party in the Park, Cheese Curd sales and our grant program for youth organizations.

If you aren't a member and want to know more about joining, come see what we are all about! If you are a member that cannot make 7AM work, come to our noon meeting to revitalize your reason for joining! Our first noon meeting will be March 10th at A&W in Platteville at NOON!

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