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Vestas and EDP Reps Explain Wind Turbines

Pictured above: Brodie Dockendorf from EDP Renewals, Ed Barthel from Vestas with Optimist Club President Alaina Reeves.

Ed and Brodie presented information on wind turbines to our Club on Friday. Ed works for Vestas the manufacturer and servicer of wind turbines. Brodie works for EDP Renewals, the company that develops wind farms. Both Ed and Brodie work at the Quilt Block Wind Farm located in Lafayette county.

Ed Barthel, from Vestas and Quilt Block Wind Farms explains wind turbines to our Club. His company builds the turbines and services them after the sale.

Brodie Dockendorf, from EDP Renewals and Quilt Block Wind Farms

looks on. EDP Renewals buys Vestas turbines, meets with farmers to obtain leases and develops the project. He explained the impact of the wind farms on the community. This was a very informative presentation and was followed by many questions from the attendees.

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