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Building Platteville Lights Up Katie's Garden

Bob Hundhausen, Kathy Kopp, Wayne Wodarz, and Mike Moran from Building Platteville were our speakers at a recent meeting. Bob, Kathy, and Wayne are also members of the Optimists. Building Platteville is celebrating their 30th Anniversary this year. The program began in an effort to save the Avalon theatre. Since then they have set up a revolving loan fund that can be used for gap financing for small businesses.

Mike is a driving force in the light shows, with inflatable decorations that Building Platteville sets up at Katie’s Garden during Halloween, Easter, the Winter Wonderland, and other holiday events.

Pictured above: Bob Hundhausen, Mike Moran, and Kathy Kopp.

Pictured on the right: Wayne Wodarz, Bob Hundhausen, Mike Moran, and Kathy Kopp.

Thank you Building Platteville for all uou do for our community.

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