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Diverse Student Alliance Speakers

Emily Zachary, Platteville High School teacher and Advisor to the Diverse Student Alliance accompanied by Platteville High School students Lazlo Camou and Emelia Thelemann spoke to our Club about the work of this student group. The Diverse Student Alliance was formed at the request of PHS students who wanted to bring about change to the culture at the school. The pillars of the organization are Education, Advocacy, Mentorship, and Celebration. Pictured above L-R: PHS student Lazlo Camou, DSA Advisor Emily Zachary, PHS student Emelia Thelemann and Optimist Club President Alaina Reeves.

Above Emelia Thelemann speaks passionately about the DSA, while Lazlo and Emily look on. Emelia will be going to Columbia University in New York City to give a presentation in January.

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